Leadership Development

Leadership development provides individuals with the support to achieve effective personal and professional goals. Taking stock of their experience, qualifications, abilities and personality attributes, provides valuable data on their strengths and weaknesses, including approach to work, leadership style, capabilities, development potential, behavioural triggers and performance motivators. Of particular interest are their strengths and weaknesses in relation to corporate values and corporate objectives.

Our expertise in assessment and results interpretation forms the foundation for the effective design of developmental programs such as individual coaching and professional development. We can work with individuals at any level within an organisation, to ensure they are functioning at optimum levels. Leadership development programs afford each individual greater personal insight as well as insight into the behaviours of their colleagues, resulting in improved working relationships, improved communication and increased respect within a team. Further to this, our talent management program can be incorporated into this process to ensure future potential of individuals and gaps in talent within a workgroup are identified. This will ensure that pro-active development plans are implemented in order to meet business objectives and maximise individual, team and company performance.

Ferris Management Consultant’s expertise in assessment and results interpretation lays the foundation for the effective design of developmental programs for individuals and executive teams. This supports their functioning at optimum levels and identifies leadership development as a critical component of organisational success.