Privacy Policy


Personal information is updated on advice from you or by the most recent interaction by you with Ferris Management Consultants Pty Ltd.


Below describes the policy of Ferris Management Consultants Pty Ltd for the management of information collected, held and used by us. Ferris Management Consultants Pty Ltd adheres to the legal requirements of the Australian Privacy Principles from the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012.


All personal information gathered by Ferris Management Consultants Pty Ltd during any engagement with an individual or organisation will remain confidential and secure except when:

  1. It is subpoenaed by a court; or
  2. Failure to disclose the information would place a person at risk; or
  3. Approval has been obtained from the owner of the personal information to:
    • provide a written report to another party; or
    • discuss information with another party. e.g. a referee or prospective employer.


Ferris Management Consultants Pty Ltd takes all reasonable steps to ensure the security of information. Files containing personal information are held in a secure location which is accessible only to authorised employees. The information on file may include personal information such as name, address, contact phone numbers, career information, academic achievements, test results and other information which is relevant to the service being provided. Personal information may also be stored electronically on secure servers.

By contacting or by being in contact with Ferris Management Consultants Pty Ltd you will be supplying us with personal and sometimes sensitive information, some of which will be mandatory for the purpose of identifying you. Your information will only be disclosed to an overseas recipient if you made contact with us in relation to a specific overseas engagement.

During an engagement process Ferris Management Consultants Pty Ltd may require you to undertake a personal assessment session which asks you to respond to a number of selected questionnaires that will identify some of your personal qualities, occupational interests, aptitudes and personality traits. You may be required to formally interact with Ferris Management Consultants Pty Ltd. Information provided by you during interactions may be recorded and kept on file. Your submissions, interactions and assessment responses may be used to prepare reports for a client of Ferris Management Consultants Pty Ltd. These reports which include your approved personal information may be discussed with or provided to a client as a requirement of the engagement process.


Information is gathered as part of an engagement process which you either voluntarily engaged in or you were contacted by us and you accepted the contact. Information collected during an engagement may be disclosed to employees of Ferris Management Consultants Pty Ltd, potential employers, referees and clients who may wish to continue an engagement directly with you. Information is retained for audit if required, as reference for subsequent engagement opportunities that may be of benefit to you or to assist with the management of your career progression.

Personal information held by us about you may be removed upon a request from you, except where we are legally bound to hold information. Ferris Management Consultants Pty Ltd abides by the Australian Psychological Society Code of Ethics which states the following requirement:

  • B.2.1. Psychologists make and keep adequate records.
  • B.2.2. Psychologists keep records for a minimum of seven years since last client contact unless legal or their organisational requirements specify otherwise.


At any stage you may request to see information about you kept on file. The Consultant Psychologist may discuss the contents with you which may incur costs. All requests for access to information should be lodged in writing to the Managing Director, John Ferris. These requests will be responded to within 10 days, and an appointment will be made, if necessary, for clarification purposes.


If you have a concern about the management of your personal information, please inform the Managing Director, John Ferris. Upon request, you can obtain a copy of the Australian Privacy Principles, or download here. This describes your rights and how your information should be handled. Ultimately, if you wish to lodge a formal complaint about the use of, or access to your personal information, you may do so with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner on 1300 363 992, or make a privacy complaint.