Our Psychologists can support your organisation’s workforce outcomes to maximise performance. Our expertise in delivering efficient and effective outcomes is based on our professional training in organisational psychology, our ongoing professional development and our broad and successful experience. We assess whether your human resources functions are best supporting business growth and positioning you to be leaders in your market.

At Ferris, we offer workshops and facilitate training sessions on a range of topics. The solutions we deliver are tailored to your organisational values and culture, to ensure your strategic HR imperatives are realised at the operational level. Ferris provides advice around operationalising your higher-order HR objectives at the grass roots level. We partner with you to analyse the functionality of your workforce.

Our advice can encompass policy and procedure development, recruitment and selection, organisational structure, how to decide between a centralised versus decentralised HR function, remuneration and rewards programs. Our advice is directed towards ensuring that your HR operations are setting your organisation up for a high performance culture focussed on goal attainment. We focus on establishing a reliable and responsive workforce by streamlining processes, developing HR metrics, and identifying continuous improvement opportunities.

Ferris are experts in workforce development. As Registered Psychologists we have the knowledge of how to apply theories of motivation and commitment to achieve the best from your team. Our solutions ensure your employees deliver the outcomes you require in an efficient and effective manner.