Psychological Assessment is a key component in our recruitment of suitable and highly qualified candidates. We identify the intellectual capabilities of a person, which not only identifies their suitability for the position but also their potential for development. We can measure a person’s suitability for both your organisation’s culture and values through this testing. Our aim is to ensure a positive experience for both the client and all the candidates who express their interest in a position.

The benefits that an organisation gains when Psychological Assessment is a component of recruitment are:

  • Access to objective and additional information which cannot be gained by way of an interview
  • You can use the assessments to take a check on your perceptions
  • Protection from charges of subjectivity through the introduction of objective data which is particularly important when internal candidates are within the applicant pool
  • Increased knowledge of a person’s capabilities to indicate future potential for promotion, redeployment and fit within succession plans

Managers who have the responsibility of approving recruitment recommendations can gain information and insights as a third party to the selection decision. Approvers can use the assessment reports to lessen the risk of the recommending Manager inadvertently making the wrong recommendation due to unconscious bias or personality cloning. To find out more about Psychological Assessments please click here.