What is Psychology?


Psychology is about understanding people, their beliefs, attitudes, habits, and actions, and how all those elements are connected to each other directly and indirectly. The key to understanding people is to identify their goals, drives and needs and to evaluate their actions through this perspective.

What is important in an organisational context is the shared values of individuals and how those individuals relate to each other. Ferris offers our clients expertise in optimising the way people relate, coordinate and provide service to one another.


Organisational Psychology is the science of people at work. Organisational Psychologists specialise in analysing organisations and their people, and devising strategies to recruit, motivate, develop, change and inspire.
We will work with you to find the right person, improve team performance and implement the right organisational structure. By engaging with your people, a workforce strategy can be developed so as to support new business and service models that are a strategic response to external factors. Individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole can count on our rigour and objectivity to analyse, provide all the options and to deliver a recommendation that will achieve organisational effectiveness.


Influencing your customers requires understanding their motivations for acquiring, using and consuming products, services or experiences. With such understanding your organisation and people can meet your customers’ needs, continuously learn, adapt and adjust to the impacts your customers’ changing motivations and behaviours have on your value proposition.

In this rapidly changing business world it is an organisational imperative to utilise rigorous research to understand your target market’s collective motivations, behaviours and expectations. Consideration needs to be given to disruptive impact on business and service models created by global economic volatility, government reform to respond to the ageing population challenges and the pace of digital and technological innovation. The analysis of research informs changes to your value proposition or development of new offers to meet both your customers’ and financial stakeholders’ expectations. We will combine our research, analysis and strategic planning expertise to offer you a way forward at the organisational, market and product/service model level.