Outplacement services provide support to employees and Managers during career transitions and terminations. Outplacement is often undertaken when specific roles are no longer needed due to downsizing, changes to the organisational structure, or when person-job fit is not met. It is crucial that the process be managed sensitively to and the employee feels valued while transitioning out of the organisation.

Our outplacement program can provide assistance to Managers, the individual transitioning out of the organisation and to those employees remaining. Consultation can be provided to those managing the process to ensure that it is carried out in an effective and sensitive manner. This can include assistance on how to communicate the process to staff and how to effectively manage change in the organisation. We are also able to provide the employees remaining in the organisation with assistance on coping with change and uncertainty. We can deliver tailored workshops to assist employees throughout all stages of the process, and we are also able to provide one-on-one counselling to employees as required.

For the individual transitioning out of the organisation, it is vital that they feel valued and respected throughout the process. Our service provides the individual with the support they need while transitioning into a new role and includes:

  • career coaching
  • career assessment tools
  • interview guidance and feedback
  • career Resources
  • assistance with online job boards
  • assistance with creating a Curriculum Vitae and LinkedIn profile
  • counselling (available to partners and family also)

The team of Psychologists at Ferris are highly skilled in providing assistance at all stages of the outplacement process. We have experience conducting outplacement with a range of organisations across varying industries including mining, resources and finance sectors.